Israel’s Security is the Top Priority

Israel is frequently — and unfairly — the object of criticism and ridicule in the world’s media. Placed under a moral microscope and expected to live up to standards no other nation on earth is expected  to meet, Israel is often found wanting, and then pronounced “apartheid” or “racist” and accused of committing atrocities and planning genocide. Meanwhile, the most egregious perpetrators of  genocide and abusers of civil rights on the globe get a free pass.

Israel is certainly not perfect and all those who love her share legitimate concerns about various policies and actions undertaken in her name. However, highly public criticism of Israel that is couched in such a way that Israel’s enemies can quote it directly and say, “See, look what Jews say about Israel” is highly problematic and does nothing to bring Israel closer to a secure peace.

Israel and those who support her want peace. But peace at the expense of security is not peace: it is suicide. Israel’s security must be a high priority because so many lives are at stake. If an enemy were lobbing rockets and missiles over the border into the United States, how many of us would have any difficulty identifying security as our #1 priority?

The Palestinians’ stated ambition continues to be the annihilation of Israel. The push for a “right of return” for Palestinians is a thinly veiled attempt to inundate Israel so that it loses its Jewish character and ceases to be a Jewish state. The Palestinians must decide whether compromise, peace, security, and recognizing Israel’s right to exist are better than what they now have. The use of violence must end, and pressure should be exerted on the Palestinian Authority and Hamas to end their support of, and complicity in, terrorism.

The path to peace is the two-state solution, with compromises made by both sides. But Israel should not be expected to make most of the compromises and bear a disproportionate amount of the burden. Encouraging the government of the United States to place excessive pressure on Israel — and especially pressure that compromises
Israel’s security — is wrong.

Amy Scheinerman

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