Why We Support Non-Partisan Advocacy

Many Jews have been looking to support a centrist, non-partisan organization seeking a realistic two state solution. It was to fill that centrist gap that We Are For Israel was established. Within a matter of weeks, a large number of supporters, including some 300 rabbis and rabbinical students, along with a growing number of cantors, organizational professionals, academicians and others, have joined our ranks. Here are a few reasons why they have chosen We Are For Israel:

We Are For Israel Favors a Non-Partisan Program of Advocacy

We believe that making America’s relationship with Israel a partisan issue endangers the US-Israel relationship. Why? Because while it is true that politicians generally make decisions based upon what they view to be right and just, often they do not know what the best decision is. In those cases, first they are likely to seek information from their supporters rather than their detractors, second, they may simply choose to side with the majority of those who elected them to office, and third, if they are totally undecided it may come down to which decision will earn votes. In all three of these cases, the fact that progressive Jews will overwhelmingly vote for the Democratic Party jeopardizes our effectiveness when we come to lobby. Republicans may decide that we will not vote for them anyway and Democrats may decide that we WILL vote for them anyway.

The voice of the political center on the other hand can be exceedingly effective. If politicians have any concern about election or re-election, and almost all do, then knowing the perspective of those who might vote for either side is vitally important. We Are For Israel hopes to speak from this position about issues related to Israel. We promote non-partisan centrist advocacy whereas some other organizations openly advocate in a highly partisan fashion, even endorsing specific candidates, weakening the effectiveness of their voice with all others.

We Are For Israel supports the efforts of the US Administration to work with Israel and the Palestinians toward peace, and we note that the Administration would appear in recent months to be acting in a less confrontational manner toward Israel. We support this apparent change of approach.

To view our understanding of the way in which Israel advocacy should be conducted, please visit our website and click on the “Advocacy” page or just click on this link.

We hope you will join the growing numbers who have added their names, signing on to our Mission Statement.

Shanah Tovah!

May it be a year that sees Shalom increase in our world!

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