J Street’s Call to End Oslo

My colleague, Micky Boyden wrote an excellent piece for We Are For Israel in response to J Street’s misguided plea for people to contact the Obama Administration urging it to move forward in settling borders and security, but he did not address J Street’s policy upon which this plea is based, one found linked immediately following the introduction to the letter on J Street’s website. That policy, found here, includes the following paragraph:

However, the time has come for the United States to put forward a proposal to establish a border and security arrangements.  With a border established, there will be no further need to negotiate over settlement construction. Both Israel and the Palestinians will be able to build where they please within their borders and not beyond.

The implications of this are profound and profoundly harmful, something of which J Street seems to either be blissfully ignorant or willfully negligent. I have written extensively on that policy on Yourish.com in a blog posting which may be found here. It is vital to understand just how damaging this policy is. I hope you will take a look at my article there.

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