Would the Palestinians prefer to remain Israelis?

Whereas the generally accepted notion is that the Palestinians want a state of their own, where they can be in control of their own destiny, a recent poll conducted by Pechter Middle East Polls together with the head of the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion shows that the situation is perhaps not that simple.

Just as Israeli Arabs have repeatedly indicated that they prefer to remain citizens of Israel rather than having the sovereignty of border towns such as Tulkarem transferred to a Palestinian state, it would now appear that that there is also a sizeable percentage of citizens in what the media refer to as “occupied East Jerusalem” who feel similarly.

The results do not necessarily indicate that they love Israel. However, when considering the alternative of being part of a Palestinian state, a not inconsiderable percentage of the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem, it would appear, would prefer to remain with what they have.

The full results of the poll can be seen at http://pechterpolls.com/?p=317. A report on the poll can be read at

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