Israel’s IDF Medical Clinic starts work

CNN: “Israel is first to set up Surgical Unit in Japan”

Israel’s IDF Medical Clinic has started work in the Tsunami-stricken Miyagi prefecture of Japan

● The Israeli clinic includes orthopedics, surgical and intensive care units as well as a delivery room and pharmacy.

● The delegation includes 50 doctors.

● They brought with them:

1. 32 tons of equipment
2. 18 tons of humanitarian aid—10,000 coats, 6,000 gloves and 150 portable toilets

● With all their billions of “petro-dollars”, where is the humanitarian relief from the Arab countries?

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6 Responses to Israel’s IDF Medical Clinic starts work

  1. Stuart Katz says:

    The answer is simple all you have to do is look for the front page article in the New York Times. They cover Israel’s apartheid policies so thoroughly, then they certainly would put the Israeli humanitarian aid. After all doesn’t they Grey Lady print all the News that Fits?

    Oh my bad, I guess I saw it on CBS’s Evening News or PMSBC, or CNN. No then could it have been on the rest of the national media? Nope. What gives, I always see Israel as the aggresor nation, why won’t the liberal media, the biased media give both sides of the story?

    The answer my friends is that these lousy media mumzers want to present the news with their slants and biases. Israel has demonstrated in every disaster, even before 9/11 the reason they are a local phone call to God.


  2. Alan Mark says:

    Apparently this info is posted on many pro-Israel web sites. I’m a pro-Israel Jew, but can’t verify this info. Go to CNN and search for “israel’s surgical unit” or “israel surgical unit” and only Haiti comes up. Try Google and only pro-Israel sites are listed. So if indeed this info is true, there needs to be a valid source.

    • johny says:

      That is the problem, you count CNN as a valid source where it is bias source!!! If you look carefully you will find this news article also on CNN, BBC and others but very deep under the carpet (god forbbid someone will here that Israel doing good stuff).

      • Rabbi Michael (Micky) Boyden says:

        I just heard the IDF’s Chief Medical Officer on the radio. He has just returned from Japan and reported that they were the only foreign team of medical specialists who were allowed into Japan to assist with dealing with the current disaster. They started work at 8 AM each day and slept in a hotel about an hour’s journey from the facility they established.

  3. Max says:

    It’s not on CNN, unsurprisingly. But see these sources:
    *Israeli team leaves for Japan aid mission
    *Israel offers a hand to Japan
    *Israel first to set up field hospital in Japan
    *IDF field hospital officially open doors to Japanese

  4. Jon Marcus says:

    I wondered the same thing, Alan. But a little google-fu reveals some corroborating news stories in Israeli newspapers (Ha’Aretz is pretty even-handed) as well as, which seems to be a Japanese site:

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