Arab Civilians challenge Israel’s Legitimacy

It was inevitable that it would happen. After a reported million demonstrators marched into Tahrir Square in Cairo and overthrew the regime of Hosni Mubarak, it was only a matter of time until similar tactics would be employed against Israel.

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Last night at a parlour meeting that I attended, Yitzhak Herzog MK warned of the danger of the current demonstrations spilling over into the West Bank. Palestinians could march in their thousands and block Route 443, which skirts Modi’in and Maccabim and is one of the two main arteries linking Tel Aviv with Jerusalem.

The events of recent days underline the importance of a political initiative at this time to make progress towards a resolution of the Israel/Palestinian conflict. Time does not stand still and the current situation is unsustainable.

Israel can no longer simply react to circumstances but must be pro-active in suggesting a way forward out of the current impasse.

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2 Responses to Arab Civilians challenge Israel’s Legitimacy

  1. An Israeli friend rightly pointed out that the #1 issue is for “the Palestinians to recognize the legitimate existence of Israel as a Jewish State”. This seems to really stick in their craw. Once they can state that, everything will be settled:
    1) Jerusalem (they’ll get a corner); 2) Refugees returned (10,000 maybe, with the rest going to the Palestinian State) 3) etc.

  2. Rabbi Howard L. Apothaker says:

    I urge Fatah members in Gaza march on Gaza City to recognize the legitimacy of the presidency of Abbas (or is that illegitimacy, because his 5-year term is long-over), and the illegitimacy of Ismail Haniya … (because his term is way over too).

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