Five Years in Captivity

This weekend Israel marks the fact that Gilead Shalit has been held in captivity by the Hamas for five long years. He was kidnapped from Israeli territory in a cross-border raid and was smuggled to an undisclosed location where he has been held ever since.

In contravention of international humanitarian law, Hamas has repeatedly refused appeals from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to visit him. Indeed, the only knowledge of his condition comes from a DVD that Israel received in return for releasing 20 Palestinian female prisoners back in October 2009.

Frustrated by Hamas’ refusal to allow the ICRC to visit Gilead, Prime Minister Netanyahu has just announced that Palestinian terrorists being held in Israeli prisons will no longer be able to study for degrees through the Open University. Such is the difference between Israel’s treatment of prisoners and the behaviour of Hamas.

Meanwhile, those gentle souls who are planning yet another flotilla to Gaza have yet to appeal on Gilead’s behalf. It should be noted that the Hamas government in Gaza is aided and abetted by Iran, who have sent their Revolutionary Guard to assist President Bashar al-Assad in brutally repressing protests in Syria. To date, there are no plans to send a flotilla to Syria….

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  1. Michael Cummings says:

    Beeing naive Iwonder if a tracking device could be implanted ito IDF personel

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