Khartoum Take Two

The Palestinians are asking the United Nations to formally agree to the Khartoum Resolution. “No peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel.”

They have refused to negotiate without preconditions that are negotiating demands including the prior recognition of final borders. They recognize that Israel exists only to the extent that not doing so would admit to not seeing reality. They do not recognize Israel’s right to continued existence, nor recognize it as the state for the Jews in a two states for two peoples arrangement. Instead, the Palestinians are simply using diplomatic means to accomplish goals for which violence time and again failed them.

Where is peace in this?

If statehood passes at the UN, the UN would be saying to the Palestinians and to the Arab world, “You don’t need to negotiate. You don’t need to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.” And because both are required for peace, it would also be saying “You don’t need to make peace with Israel.”

-By Rabbi Kaufman


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2 Responses to Khartoum Take Two

  1. David – are you sure this is true? I haven’t seen anything in the news, nor can I find with some searching, about a revisiting of Khartoum. It would obviously be heinous, if it’s so, but can you find some source to confirm this?

    • The PA refuses to negotiate with Israel without preconditions that would be impossible for Israel. It does not recognize Israel as a Jewish state. It instead recognizes it as an existing state, but does not recognize its continued right to exist into the future at all. The combination of these two means that the Palestinians are not willing to make peace with Israel. By asking the UN to support their position, the Palestinians are in essence asking the UN to back what amounts to a slightly modified version of the Khartoum Resolution. No negotiations, no recognition, no peace. That is what I mean.

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