Iran Goes Nuclear

So the truth is out.

The Iranians twisted and turned to hide their intentions from the international community.

They were aided and abetted by Mohamed ElBaradei, former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who repeatedly played down the possible military implications of Iran’s nuclear programme.

Even the U.S. Intelligence Community drafted a National Intelligence Estimate in November 2007 in which it stated: “We judge with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program.”

Four years later, however, we know that Israel’s intelligence assessment that Iran was developing a nuclear weapons capability was, in fact, correct.

This is now confirmed by the IAEA, whose report states categorically that it has “credible” evidence that Iran sought to design a nuclear warhead and continued to conduct research on an atomic weapons programme as recently as last year. The IAEA adds that “some activities may still be ongoing.”

And how does the world react? Russia and China are against imposing additional limitations on trade with Iran, and it is reported that President Obama is also backing away from crippling sanctions on its central bank and any thought of embargoing oil trade with Iran for fear of the possible economic consequences.

Meanwhile, Iran’s chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, is reported to have stated on a recent visit to Saudi Arabia that the annihilation of Israel should be a global goal. He told Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir that “the corrupt and criminal Zionist regime is harming not only the Arab and Islamic world, but all of humanity.”

Furthermore, Iran has warned that, were its nuclear sites to be attacked, “the Zionists would have no more than a week to live.”

The question now is how will the so-called international community respond? Will it rein in Iran – something it should have done long ago – or will Israel be left once again to fend for herself?

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