A Passover Message – Help Nuba

During Passover, we remember being there as our people journeyed from slavery to freedom. We remember being there for other events in our people’s history as well. Ezer Weizmann’s 1996 speech to the Bundestagis one of the best Passover sermons, I know. I put this part into my Haggadah:

I was a slave in Egypt. I received the Torah at Mount Sinai. Together with Joshua and Elijah, I crossed the Jordan River. I entered Jerusalem with David, was exiled from it with Zedekiah, and did not forget it by the rivers of Babylon. When the Lord returned the captives of Zion, I dreamed among the builders of its ramparts. I fought the Romans and was banished from Spain. I was bound to the stake in Mainz. I studied Torah in Yemen and lost my family in Kishinev. I was incinerated in Treblinka, rebelled in Warsaw, and emigrated to the Land of Israel, the country whence I had been exiled and where I had been born, from which I come and to which I return.

We remember suffering. We remember every moment of persecution and every moment of elation. We remember those who harmed us and we remember those who helped us. The greatest sin of our age is silent indifference. We cannot stand idly by. And so, when the leaders of our local Nuba Mountain community called me on Tuesday evening and asked for an emergency meeting, I said “How soon can you meet?” When we met yesterday morning and I heard their cries, I remembered our cries. How to help?

I went straight from that meeting back to my office and created Help Nuba as a source of immediate and accurate information about the crisis. I am working with United to End Genocide as well as with leaders of the Nuba community, the Darfurian community, and the South Sudanese community not only here, but internationally to get the news out. Never again. Never again. Here is the video of Governor Ahmed Harun ordering his troops to genocide, orders that are being put in place based upon the testimony of the Nuba community:

Harun tells the troops:

You must hand over the place clean, swept, rubbed, crushed. Do not bring them back alive. We have no space for them.

A commander near by Harun says:

Do not bring them back! Eat them alive!

Harun’s response is:

Don’t create an administrative problem for us.

Then Harun whips up the troops by shouting to them:

Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?

The soldiers respond:

Allah Hu Akbar! God is great!

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