A Day of Tragedies and Terror

Today, two attacks took place that claimed the lives of at least 20 innocent people. The first involved a man who attacked a Sikh prayer service in a suburb of Milwaukee, killing at least seven people and wounding many others. The second was an attempted attack against Israel during which at least thirteen Egyptian soldiers at a border crossing were killed by attackers seeking to enter Israel to commit even more carnage.

We live in a fragile world. A few crazed individuals can do a great deal of damage.

Today, our prayers are with the members of the Sikh community, not only those of the community in Milwaukee who need all the prayers that we can muster, but those around the country whose sense of well-being has been shattered.  Our prayers are also with those in the Egyptian military who are working to maintain peace with Israel and with the families of the men who lost their lives doing so today. Salaam aleiqum.

May we strive to bring peace to our world far too filled with strife.

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