The Gathering Storm Clouds – 2

If anyone had any doubts about Iran’s global intentions, they should have been listening to what Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had to say at the 16th summit of the Non Aligned Movement of 120 developing nations currently taking place in Iran.

The conference is being graced by the controversial presence of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who chose to attend in spite of international efforts to isolate Iran both politically and economically and attempts to persuade her to forgo her nuclear ambitions.

As Khamenei made it clear, “Iran will not relinquish her nuclear programme, which is intended for peaceful purposes.” Were that indeed the case, one can only wonder why Iran has stubbornly refused to allow inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency to check out sites, where Iran is suspected of running her centrifuges to develop weapons grade fuel.

There should be no doubt about Iran’s intentions. Khamenei could not have stated them more clearly. “We object to Western rule, which is lead today by an aggressive superpower, namely the United States of America….We have the responsibility of creating a new world order.”

It should be recalled that the creation of a new world order, or Neuordnung as the Germans called it, was a key feature of the Nazi political programme. Just as the Third Reich scapegoated Jews, using anti-Semitism as a powerful tool in its propaganda, so too Khamenei did not miss the opportunity in his speech of calling Israelis “blood thirsty wolves”.

While the Democrats and Republicans are jousting it out in terms of whom is mostly likely to be able to kick start the US economy, one can only hope that President Obama is also keeping an eye on what is happening in Iran. Hitler wasn’t joking and neither is Khamenei.

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