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Sudan, Iran, and Gaza

In the aftermath of Operation Pillar of Defense, the role of Sudan in helping Iran ship weapons to Hamas is becoming clearer. There is now a full blown alliance between Iran, Sudan, and Hamas.  Hamas leaders have publicly thanked Iran in recent … Continue reading

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Operation Pillar of Defence – Some observations

A Channel 2 snap poll showed that 70% of Israelis opposed signing a ceasefire agreement with Hamas. Soldiers on reserve duty lay down on the ground, forming the words “Bibi is a loser” with their bodies, to express their discontent … Continue reading

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The Ceasefire and Thoughts about the Future

Below is the text of the Ceasefire Agreement as Announced Today. Commentary follows the text of the agreement. Following is the verbatim English text of the ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza that was reached on Wednesday with … Continue reading

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Why There May Be No Ceasefire

Today, leaders around the world called for Israel to avoid escalation of the conflict in Gaza as Israeli bombing raids continued and rockets poured forth from Gaza. As I noted in my articles over the past few days, this conflict … Continue reading

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Why is This Conflict Different from All Other Conflicts

In the days when Hamas and Islamic Jihad were lobbing home made mortars and Ketushah rockets into Israel by the hundreds, things were bad. It was obvious that normal life in places like Sderot in the south near the Gaza … Continue reading

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The Situation in Israel and What the Future Holds

We Are For Israel strongly supports the ability of the nation of Israel to defend its population and offer our prayers and blessings for the well-being of its people at this time of crisis. As I write this, rockets are … Continue reading

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