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The Window of Opportunity has closed

One continually hears calls from the international community and from various sections of the Jewish world urging Israel to reach a settlement with the Palestinians without further delay, because “the window of opportunity for a two-state solution is closing fast”. … Continue reading

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Realistic Hopes for Peace in the Real World

I have heard many powerful speakers over the years talk about Israel. Few among them compare with Leon Wieseltier whose absurdly elevated language and flowing shockingly white hair would make him stand out in any crowd of speakers. Wieseltier is … Continue reading

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The E-1 Gambit Explained

The Palestinians sought to upgrade their status in the UN in order to pursue diplomatic and legal efforts to against Israel rather than engaging in negotiations that would involve making painful concessions. Israel almost immediately announced that it would advance … Continue reading

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URJ and CCAR Statement about Israel and Palestinian Situation

The Union for Reform Judaism URJ and the Central Conference of American Rabbis issued a joint statement, supported by its Zionist arms, ARZA and ARZA Canada, concerning the upgrading of the status at the United Nations of the Palestinian Authority … Continue reading

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Observed States and Unsettled Issues

Upon his return  to Ramallah after the UN elevated the Palestinian Authority’s status to Observer State, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas celebrated pronouncing, “We now have a state.” This is, to an extent, the equivalent of Jews celebrating the Balfour Declaration with the … Continue reading

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