Understanding the World Podcast

Shalom All,

I know that many of you like to listen to podcasts as you travel and work. I have a weekly internet television show in which I conduct extended interviews with guests about current events, most often directly concerning events in the Middle East, related to the Jewish world, or Social Action. The show is going on “Summer Break” for July, but podcasts of the shows since February are available. You can even buy an app for the show in the Itunes Store, Google Play, or Kindle. The show is called “Understanding the World” and can be found using the free and highly recommended “Podcast Box” app.

Video recordings of the show since February may be found at this link.

Audio only podcasts are found at this link.

Here is the list of some of the podcasts of interviews with guests to which you may wish to listen.

June 20 Jonathan Tobin of Commentary Magazine

June 13 Rabbi Arthur Waskow of The Shalom Center

May 30 Ishmael Khaldi – Bedouin Muslim Israeli Diplomat 

May 23 Dr. Mukesh Kapila – Aegis Trust – Expert on Genocide and Human Rights

May 16 Dexter Van Zile of CAMERA

May 9 Dr. Barry Rubin of the GLORIA Center and Expert on the Middle East

April 25 Arnold Roth – Advocate for Victims of Terror and for the Disabled in Israel

April 11 Carl Wilkens – Leading Anti-Genocide Activist and Author

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