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Israel Stands Alone

We in Israel anxiously wait to see what the backlash will be following the implementation of the US Administration’s decision to take military action in response to the chemical weapons attack attributed to the 155th Brigade of the 4th Armoured … Continue reading

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Fear of Enemies, Trust of Allies

It is very clear that weaponized gas has been used by Syrian governmental forces. Tom Nichols of The War Room blog wrote an excellent article about the strategic reasoning for action and my colleague Rabbi Fred Guttman wrote similarly about the … Continue reading

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Syria – The Necessity of Responding by Rabbi Fred Guttman

In April 2009, I was standing in Auschwitz Birkenau at the top of the steps which led to the changing room and then to the gas chambers and crematoria. Scholars estimate that several hundred thousand people, mostly Jews, were gassed … Continue reading

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The Peace Process and Centrist Jews

In an article published in the Times of Israel the other day, it was noted that a recent meeting held by Sec. State John Kerry with American Jewish leaders was a “soft sell” for most of them. The “hard sell-a more … Continue reading

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