Jew-Free Palestine

Associated Press quotes an official in the Prime Minister’s office as observing that Benjamin Netanyahu believes that all Jewish settlers should have the right to remain in their homes in a future Palestinian state.

Predictably the idea has been dismissed in two quarters. Naftali Bennett of the Habayit Hayehudi party, who was previously quoted as stating that there was no place for Palestine in God’s country, has protested at the very idea, saying that it calls into question our right to live in Tel Aviv.

However, Bennett has no need to be concerned. Palestinian chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat has made it perfectly clear that “no settler will be allowed to stay in the Palestinian state, not even a single one.”

It is indeed strange that Israel of whom twenty per cent of its citizens are Arabs is slurred as being “an apartheid state” but no one protests at the prospect of Palestine being Judenrein (Jew-free).

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2 Responses to Jew-Free Palestine

  1. rabbiadar says:

    Sometimes I wonder if these folks ever really listen to their own words. Thank you for pointing out the irony.

  2. Rabbi Shaul(Paul) R feinberg says:

    Absolute agreement with Rabbi Adar. Well perceived and articulated, Mickey!
    I recommend your sending this to HUCALUM AND RAV KAV!
    Make a good day, PA-AMYAIM KEE TOV

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