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What lies behind the current Flare-up with Gaza?

Many reasons have been advanced for the cause of the current flare-up with Gaza. Some see it as resulting from a property dispute between Jews and Arabs in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Others blame the police for … Continue reading

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A Changing Middle East

The Middle East that Joe Biden will confront when he becomes the 46th president of the United States of America is not the same place that it was when he assumed the post of vice president in Barack Obama’s administration … Continue reading

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“Deal of the Century” – Dead on Arrival

It is hardly surprising that President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” is seen by the Palestinians as being dead on arrival. It is so far removed from anything they could have possibly wished for. But, then, they weren’t involved in … Continue reading

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IfNotNow – Who and What are You?

IfNotNow is an enigma. Who leads them? Who provides the funding for their orientation training sessions across North America? Their website does not provide any answers to these questions. They claim to be idealists and I don’t question their fervor. … Continue reading

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A Message to the IfNotNow Folk

Hi there. I understand that you distributed granola to Birthright participants at JFK airport last week and then presented them with material criticizing Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank. The purpose of Birthright is to encourage young people to … Continue reading

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The Bloodbath in Gaza

The London Daily Mail carried the headline BLOODBATH in referring to the orchestrated Hamas attack this week on Israel’s security fence with Gaza. Later in the story it reported that the “demonstrations … called for the right of return for … Continue reading

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Telling The Whole Truth

Peter Beinart’s opinion piece in the Forward entitled “American Jews Have Abandoned Gaza — And The Truth” is what lawyers call “disingenuous” because, contrary to what is required of witnesses in a court of law, it does not tell “the … Continue reading

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Religious Leaders barred from Israel

Five U.S. Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders were barred from going to Israel under a new law that prohibits entry to the Jewish state by foreign activists who advocate a boycott of the country. One of them was the deputy … Continue reading

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The Jubilee Haggadah – A Travesty of Truth

An organization calling itself SISO (Save Israel Stop the Occupation) claims on its website to be “a new initiative of prominent Israeli individuals and organizations who have joined with Jewish leaders from around the world in a sense of urgency … Continue reading

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UN Security Council Resolution 2334

Many view the decision of the United States not to exercise its veto against UN Security Council Resolution 2334 as the last attempt by President Obama in the death throes of his presidency to score a point against Bibi. White … Continue reading

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