Mission Statement

We Are For Israel


We Are For Israel is a forum of people who support Israel, who are deeply concerned by the drift in much of world opinion that has made it legitimate to single out Israel for blame and censure in respect of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

While we recognize that Israel shares some responsibility for the current state of affairs, we believe that the roots of the conflict and its broader dimensions are much more complex than is generally presented.

Attempts by Israel’s detractors to lay the blame for the lack of progress toward peace at her door while pressing her alone to make concessions are not only unjustified, but frequently motivated by political interests, naivety, ignorance, misinformation or even anti-Semitism.

We are particularly concerned by the manner in which some organizations within the Jewish community, which profess to care for Israel and her well-being, advocate that pressure be applied upon her to make unilateral concessions. Similar demands are not made of the Palestinians to respond in kind if at all. We believe that such advocacy, which results in intransigence and increased demands from the Palestinians, does not advance the cause of peace. In discrediting Israel publicly, such organizations not only weaken support for her but also serve the interests of her detractors and enemies.

At a time when it has become fashionable to castigate Israel for unrest in the Middle East and elsewhere, we appeal to Jews everywhere to respond to criticism of Israel with support and to advocate on her behalf.

We ask that rabbis who agree with the Mission Statement below add their names to the Rabbinical Signatory List – “Rabbis For Israel,” demonstrating their support for our mission.

Others, Jews and non-Jews alike, who are in agreement with our Mission Statement may sign on as Cantors, Professionals in Jewish organizations, Presidents of Jewish organizations, Academicians and Authors, Journalists and Bloggers, as Students For Israel, or simply as Supporters of We Are For Israel showing their support for “Rabbis For Israel.” Rabbinical and Cantorial students may sign on as Rabbinical or Cantorial students.

The link to sign the Mission Statement is found at the bottom of this page and by clicking on this link. The Mission Statement follows.

We Are For Israel – Mission Statement

A Lasting and Secure Peace for Israel

  • We, the undersigned, believe that Israel has a legitimate right to exist as a sovereign, democratic Jewish state in the historic homeland of the Jewish people. We support a peaceful and just resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that will recognize two independent states, a Jewish state of Israel and a Palestinian state, living side by side in peace, security, and prosperity.
  • We call upon the Arab and Muslim world to accept unequivocally and publicly Israel’s permanent right to exist in peace.


  • We believe that any resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict will require Israel to cede sovereignty over most of the West Bank and will need to address the aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians concerning Jerusalem, a city that is holy to three religions.
  • Palestinian claims for a right of return will need to find their resolution within the Palestinian state once established.

Teaching Tolerance and Peace

  • We call upon Muslim and Christian religious leaders to establish frameworks in their own communities to oppose messages of hatred and violence against Israel, to work toward developing a spirit of mutual understanding, tolerance and peace with Jews, and to encourage the strengthening of peaceful relationships and partnerships between Israelis and Palestinians.
  • We call upon that the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and their agents to cease using the media, mosques and textbooks to foster and incite hatred against Israel and the Jewish People.

Support for Israel

  • We call upon leaders in the Jewish community to support Israel in their public statements and express any concerns they may have with great caution and considerable forethought given the manner in which their views are likely to be manipulated to Israel’s detriment by those who use every opportunity to vilify her.

The Use of Violence

  • We call upon Palestinian political and religious leaders to denounce the use of violent Jihad, and demand that the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and their agents cease all forms of support, complicity and participation in or glorification of terrorist activities.

Moral Equivalency

  • We recognize Israel’s moral right to defend her citizens against attacks emanating from the Palestinian territories. To demand that Israel forgo the right to defend her citizens in order to improve the lot of the Palestinians, without the latter abandoning their call for violent resistance, is neither moral nor ethical. As such, we reject the moral equivalency that some would draw between the suffering of the Palestinians and the lasting psychological trauma not to mention literal endangerment of life with which Israelis have to contend.

Israel’s Defense

  • We call upon the international community and media to recognize that any resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict will demand that Israel’s very real security concerns be addressed, particularly in the light of the key role played by Iran and Syria in arming and training Israel’s enemies.

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