How Do I Sign On?

Those who support our Mission Statement should click on this link to Sign On

We ask that those rabbis who support our Mission Statement sign on as Rabbinical Signatories, joining their name with hundreds of others of Rabbis For Israel. Others, who are in agreement with our Mission Statement and wish to declare that support may sign on in support of our Mission Statement as Cantors, Professionals in Jewish Organizations, Presidents of Jewish Organizations, Academicians and Authors (including those who are not Jewish), Students (regardless of age or faith), Journalists and Bloggers (regardless of their religious background) or as “Supporters of We Are For Israel,” a category that is designed to include all those of all faiths in our families, among our friends, as well as from the broader community who wish to offer their support. There are special directions on the Sign On form for Rabbinical and Cantorial students. As you can see, we welcome the support of those of all faiths!

We will not necessarily be able to publish the names of all signatories, but you will be included on our mailing list, you will be invited to caucus with our local I-AM Chapters, and the number of members of each chapter will be listed. Everyone counts!

Those who support our Mission Statement should click on this link to Sign On

Those who would like to receive emails from We Are For Israel containing important information about events relating to Israel and the Middle East, but do not wish to sign on in support of the Mission Statement should sign up using the form found on this link. We will NOT make the names of those submitting information for our mailing list public.

3 Responses to How Do I Sign On?

  1. Dr. Eugene J. Fisher says:

    I’m a Catholic scholar long involved in the dialogue with Jews who could not have signed this before retirement. I was in charge of Catholic-Jewish Relations for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and a Consultor to the Vatican for thirty years, so I signed virtually no statements in that period save statement that emerged from official dialogues with national Jewish groups and IJCIC.
    Is there a reason that you limit non-Jewish signers to politicians? The Christian churches, both in the US and around the world, have not a little influence on how people, including politicians, view Israel and the Middle East.
    Dr. Eugene J. Fisher
    Retired Associate Director, Secretariat for
    Ecumenical and Interreligous Affairs,
    U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
    Distinguished Visiting Professor, Saint Leo University

  2. Christians may sign on in support of our Mission Statement in any of the categories that apply to them. If they are academicians or authors, they may sign on in that category. Students may sign on in that category, Journalists and Bloggers in another, and so forth. We welcome the support of everyone. Thank you for your comment.

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