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Fear of Enemies, Trust of Allies

It is very clear that weaponized gas has been used by Syrian governmental forces. Tom Nichols of The War Room blog¬†wrote an excellent article about the strategic reasoning for action and my colleague Rabbi Fred Guttman wrote similarly about the … Continue reading

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Syria, Iran, and Fear of Regional War

Friends, as the situation in Syria deteriorates, it is becoming more and more likely that a major confrontation between Israel and the Iranian and Hizballah forces fighting in Syria and Southern Lebanon will occur. An article in the Times of … Continue reading

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Why is This Conflict Different from All Other Conflicts

In the days when Hamas and Islamic Jihad were lobbing home made mortars and Ketushah rockets into Israel by the hundreds, things were bad. It was obvious that normal life in places like Sderot in the south near the Gaza … Continue reading

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