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Holocaust Imagery and the Iran Deal

I have been thinking of how many friends of mine, including Holocaust survivors, may their memories be for a blessing, would react to the debate concerning the agreement with Iran. I cannot but feel that they would be distressed by … Continue reading

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Why Does Hamas Fight?

Why Does Hamas fight? Every time Hamas fights, the West pressures Israel to give them a concession to stop. This encourages Hamas to keep fighting rather than to negotiate, strengthens them in their ability to fight, and harms Israel in … Continue reading

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Why the Israeli Left Feels Betrayed

For years, American Presidents have stated as President Obama did on July 27, that the United States supports “Israel’s right to defend itself.” The Israeli left had believed that while President Obama and Sec. Kerry offered criticism of Israeli settlements that … Continue reading

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The Peace Process and Centrist Jews

In an article published in the Times of Israel the other day, it was noted that a recent meeting held by Sec. State John Kerry with American Jewish leaders was a “soft sell” for most of them. The “hard sell-a more … Continue reading

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A Response to Secretary of State John Kerry’s Speech to the AJC World Forum

I read John Kerry’s speech to the AJC. Rhetorically, he boxes up us skeptics and doubters into a neat little package and sends us to the far sidelines. How I wish that Secretary Kerry’s next stop were to Michigan to … Continue reading

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Our Response to the 100 Jewish Leaders Letter

We Are For Israel has been asked to offer a response to the letter written by 100 American Jewish Leaders seeking that Israel work with Secretary of State Kerry to produce a plan demonstrating “Israel’s readiness to make painful territorial … Continue reading

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