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Misunderstanding History

I wish that I could say that I was inspired by the words of Mahmoud Abbas at the UN General Assembly to believe that peace may be achieved soon. I cannot. The problem begins with a wanton disregard of history … Continue reading

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The Peace Process and Centrist Jews

In an article published in the Times of IsraelĀ the other day, it was noted that a recent meeting held by Sec. State John Kerry with American Jewish leaders was a “soft sell” for most of them. The “hard sell-a more … Continue reading

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Jonathan Pollard: When is Enough, Enough?

Before I enter into the heart of this essay I wish to openly admit that I have been on a long, emotional journey regarding my attitude toward Jonathan Pollard.Ā  Back in 1985, when it came to light that he had … Continue reading

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Jewish State and Democratic State

It is not unusual these days for American Jews to promote the idea that they know better than Israeli voters what Israel must do, not only to achieve peaceful coexistence with Palestinians but to ensure the long term survival of … Continue reading

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Why Bibi’s Speech Worked

I think that most of us expected Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech on Tuesday before the US Congress to be a defiant right wing speech. Commentators, no doubt had their stories ready entitled, “Bibi rebukes Barack” or “Bibi Bashes O!” It … Continue reading

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Palestinian Jailed for Criticizing Islam

If you have not read the story in today’s Haaretz about the Palestinian man jailed for criticizing Islam on Facebook, you should. I think that nothing comes closer to illustrating the depth of the difficulty in achieving peace than this … Continue reading

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