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Why Does Hamas Fight?

Why Does Hamas fight? Every time Hamas fights, the West pressures Israel to give them a concession to stop. This encourages Hamas to keep fighting rather than to negotiate, strengthens them in their ability to fight, and harms Israel in … Continue reading

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What You Need to Know about Israel and Gaza to Understand Events Today

O. A timeline of events related to the current June-August 2014 Conflict may be found on the We Are For Israel website here. 1. Hamas took over Gaza from the Palestinian Authority in 2007. Israel had withdrawn all of its … Continue reading

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Why is This Conflict Different from All Other Conflicts

In the days when Hamas and Islamic Jihad were lobbing home made mortars and Ketushah rockets into Israel by the hundreds, things were bad. It was obvious that normal life in places like Sderot in the south near the Gaza … Continue reading

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