Rabbi Michael Boyden

Rabbi Michael Boyden

Rabbi Michael (Micky) Boyden was the founder of Rabbis For Israel and is the Vice-President and Co-Founder of our new advocacy group, We Are For Israel.

He was born in London, England and is a graduate in Hebrew Literature from London University. He was ordained by the Leo Baeck College in the UK and served as the rabbi of Cheshire Reform Congregation near Manchester before making aliyah with his wife and two children in 1985.

He is a past President of the Israel Council of Progressive Rabbis and serves as the Director of its national Rabbinic Court. In these capacities, he represented the Reform Movement on the Ne’eman Commission established by the Israeli government to resolve the conversion crisis and subsequently on the Executive set up by the Jewish Agency to establish a Joint Institute to prepare candidates for conversion in co-operation with the Orthodox and Conservative streams.

Rabbi Boyden pioneered the formation of two Reform congregations in Israel – in Ra’anana and in Hod Hasharon – and is the spiritual leader of “Kehilat Yonatan” established in memory of his son, who was killed while on active military service in Israel’s security zone in Southern Lebanon.

Rabbi Boyden is a frequent speaker at congregations in Europe and in North America and was Guest of Honor of the Reform, Liberal and Conservative Movements in the UK at their joint Israel Independence Day celebrations in 2008.

Phone: +972-9-7463447

Email: boyden@zahav.net.il

1 Response to Rabbi Michael Boyden

  1. Dear Micky,
    There’s so much going on in the Area that while not surprised by this information it is disturbing. Of course it is not reported anywhere. Keep doing your good work.
    With Love and Blessings to all,
    Shaul L

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